Foundation Course in Management with English

This course is intended for those with no previous experience, who want to start a career in management and improve their English at the same time.



The Foundation Course in Management with English is introduced by Global College Malta for students who intend to proceed to study for a degree in management at Global College Malta. It is a unique course in that it has three components – Management Studies, English Language Studies, and Management Skills. No equivalent course is offered in Malta at present.

We have just introduced the Foundation Course in Management WITHOUT English. This is targeting those students whose English level is minimum IELTS score of 6.0 or equivalent. Kindly contact us for fees, duration and other details for this option.

About Foundation Courses

Foundation Course, is it right for you?

A foundation degree will improve your English language skills and other core subjects that you will need to successfully enroll at your desired university. If you wish to proceed to study for a degree in management and related subjects, a foundation specialised in management would be the best option for you.

Do I need to do a foundation course?

Each individual comes from different backgrounds. If you studied your high school outside of the UK, you may need to take a foundation course prior to your bachelor degree. Certain countries have their compulsory education shorter than that in the UK. In these instances, a foundation course is a necessity. To be eligible for a university according to British standards, you have to meet certain criteria for admission. A foundation course will help prepare you for an IELTS examination aiming to improve your English to a standard equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or above and for successful further studies at the undergraduate level.

For details please contact the Admissions Office.

Benefits of the foundation course at GCM

  • Unique management foundation course in Malta.
  • Specially designed English modules which will prepare you for the admissions criteria at British universities or a university with equivalent standards.
  • Flexible, ready to meet your specific needs according to the level of your English. You can add extra Intensive English classes prior to the actual start of the course or choose not to take the English part of the Course if you are of the required standard in English.
  • Welcoming people from various cultural backgrounds and all walks of life.
  • British Education Culture ensured by experienced international teaching staff.
  • Inspiring Atmosphere created by SmartCity Malta and a brand new college.
  • Modern environment created in a newly finished building in SmartCity Malta in accordance with international standards.
  • Opportunity to enhance your CV by short courses and/or internships in local companies.
  • Employment Support by a specialized member of a staff within a Student’s Support Office.

Foundation Course in management with English

The Foundation Course in Management and English is introduced by Global College Malta for students who intend to proceed to study for a degree in management and related subjects. It is a unique course in that it has three components – Management Studies, English Language Studies, and Management Skills.

The aims of the course are to:

  • Transfer basic management skills to the students
  • Enable students to progress to the first year of an English University course to read for a management degree, or as intended by Global College Malta, continue their degree studies at Global College Malta commencing September 2013
  • Through application of the language, develop a level of fluency in English that will provide students with a sound foundation for job applications and career advancement. (e.g. IELTS 6-6.5 at course completion)

The course will contribute significantly to further development of key competences identified by the MQF, i.e Communication in a Foreign Language, Mathematical Competence, Digital Competence, Learning to Learn, Social and Civic Competence, Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship, and Cultural Awareness and Expression.


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Learning, Teaching and Assessment Methods

The course adopts a broad range of learning approaches involving a mixture of formal and informal methods of teaching. Considerable input from students is planned through, for example, case study analysis, group discussions and presentations. Theoretical concepts might typically be delivered in a lecture followed by smaller group seminars based on, for example, group based case study analysis, all based within a workshop setting.

Discussion and interactive sessions will encourage students to critically examine key elements of business and management further. In addition, students are expected to undertake considerable independent study to support class contact time.

Throughout the course students, as part of their personal development, will be engaged in a comprehensive course of Business Management Skills Development which will offer students ample opportunities to improve their transferable skills, in addition, to the development of their management research skills.

Assessment on the course is designed to be an integral part of the learning process for students and to enhance and confirm their knowledge and practice. Formative feedback will be provided to students through a combination of self-reflection, peer group and tutor feedback. Summative assessments will provide a measure of the extent to which students have achieved the learning outcomes of the modules. Assessment within the modules will take various forms including: coursework assignments, reports, presentations, examinations and the dissertation.

All modules will assessed by a combination of summative/end-of-module written papers (50%) and formative/continuous assessment (50%). Continuous assessment will be undertaken via a combination of teaching and learning approaches including, inter alia,

  • multiple choice papers,
  • case studies,
  • project work,
  • team / group exercises,
  • term essays

Students will be provided with oral and written feedback on continuous assessment and, where applicable, strategies implemented to ensure that they are fully prepared for the end assessments.

The Management Skills element will involve all participants engaging in a range of tasks and activities throughout the course. Their performance will be assessed against agreed criteria and tutors will record the results on a pass/fail basis.

Entry Requirements

Applicants should be able to provide one of the following:

  • GCE/IGCSE – 5C Grades
  • CBSE/HSSC or equivalent (India) – 60%
  • American High School – Certificate Pass
  • Tawjihiyya (Arabic system) – 70%
  • IB less than 24
  • WAEC / NECO 5 C grades

If an applicant does not meet the above requirements or if different certificates are used in the applicant’s country, any other relevant qualification(s) and/or evidence of relevant experience will be reviewed by the GCM Admissions Panel to agree their acceptance for entry.

English Language

English minimum IELTS 5 or equivalent.

Applicants who do not meet the minimum entry requirements in English Language will be offered a 6-week English Preparatory Course prior to the start of the Foundation Course in Management with English. The entrance requirements for the English Preparatory Course are an IELTS score of 4 or equivalent. If you don’t meet this requirement or need to improve your English, GCM offers a range of English language courses to supplement your studies.

We can also arrange a placement test for you in order to evaluate your understanding of the English language. One of our English language lecturers will then use the results to decide whether you have enough English language knowledge to take the course, or whether you will need supplementary lessons.

For details on application process, click here.

Duration and Start Dates

Duration and Start Dates: The Foundation Course in Management with English commences twice a year, September and January. The six-week pre-entry English Preparatory Course will be offered in the summer of 2015.
Duration: two semesters, 1 academic year
Start date: September 2015

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  • Foundation Course in Management WITH English

EU students: € 6000
Non-EU students: € 6000

  • Foundation Course in Management WITHOUT English

EU students: € 3400
Non-EU students: € 3400

Students can pay their fees in instalments. Please contact the Admissions Office for details.



The Foundation Course in Management with English is fully accredited and approved by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education Malta (NCFHE). It is also approved and rated by the Malta Qualifications Framework at Level 4.

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